PDF Editor 5.5

Tool for editing PDF's, perfect for putting together contracts or saving textbooks

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PDF Editor 5.5
PDF Editor 3.3

PDF Editor is a tool designed for those using devices with a Windows operating system that lets them make changes and edit PDF files and documents. Though similar programs exist, this is one of the only tools that lets you try out a demo version to see how it works before you commit to a purchase.

Using this tool requires that you open a PDF file on your computer or one that you found and saved from the internet. You can use your mouse to highlight a section of text that you want to edit and then click on the edit tool to bring up your editing box. This box shows you the text that you selected and lets you add or remove words and phrases as needed. It also shows you the color, type and size of the font that you used. You can click on any of those features and bring up a drop down menu to change those elements.

While this app works well on text, it also works on graphics and images on the page. The full selection of editing tools sits across the top of the screen. You can click on any individual button to edit the page or use the toolbar above those buttons to make your edits. The tool lets you save any PDF file as a brand new file or under the original name of that file.

The demo version of this tool is available for free and downloads relatively fast. It includes the word “demo” in large and capital letters across the top of the screen, which can be irritating to look at. This version also adds demo to your files too, which you may not like when creating files for school or work. It is also available as a paid version that lets you unlock all features after paying a small fee. PDF Editor will frequently ask if you're ready to upgrade each time that you use the demo version.

Designed for use with Windows computers, PDF Editor is one of the best free ways to edit documents. It comes with a number of editing tools and also lets you change the format of the file before saving it. You can even add bookmarks to the page to find the most important information that you need quickly. While you may not like the lack of features on the demo version, this demo shows you some of the top reasons to pay for the full tool.


  • Available as a free download
  • Compatible with PDF files created by different programs and computers
  • Includes options for changing font type and size
  • Lets you remove and add large chunks of text
  • Fairly straightforward and easy to use


  • Must pay for the full version
  • Free demo version lacks all features
  • Asks you each time you use it if you want to upgrade to the paid version

Whether you want to add specific images or pages to a document, PDF Editor is a program that will allow you to easily create optimized PDF files. You can modify existing PDF files so that they meet your specifications. Within just a few seconds, you can download PDF Editor at no cost on your computer. This open-source software will allow you to create a PDF file in an e-book, flyer, newspaper, flipbook, e-magazine, or newsletter format. PDF Editor is the ultimate tool to use to add text and audio to your files.

Edit Your PDF Files With Ease

Editing your PDF files no longer has to be a pain. You will actually enjoy editing your PDF files when you use this editing tool. In the past, you may have found it frustrating to add text or text boxes to your PDF file. This editing tool will take all of the frustration out of editing your PDF files. You will be able to add your own symbols, signatures, graphics, and text to PDF files with this editor. Placing high-quality graphics in your PDF files has never been easier.

Converting Your Files

Another reason you may need to use PDF Editor is for the conversion of your files. Whether you need to convert a PDF file into a Word document or e-book, you can quickly do so with this editor. Converting your files will only take a few minutes. This is a great conversion tool to use if you have a large-scale PDF file to convert to another format. You can also convert an existing Word document or other file into a PDF document. If your boss requires that you convert a PDF file on demand, you will never again have to worry about finding the right editor tool. Also, you will notice that PDF Editor produces excellent file conversion quality. You will be impressed with the quality of PDF files that you can create with this tool. You can make a great impression on your colleagues and boss by creating PDF files of the highest quality.

Pros and Cons of PDF Editor

The main advantage of this software is that it is available for free. You do not have to pay anything to use this software for all of your business and educational projects. Here are some other benefits of using this software:

  • You can create elegant PDF files.
  • You can choose from a variety of templates to use.
  • You can quickly create the type of PDF document that you require.

There are some disadvantages to using this software. You may find the software to be difficult to use if you are unfamiliar with its layout. Some of the other disadvantages are:

  • The software may require updates.
  • You may find that the editor causes other programs to run slow on your computer.
  • It can be difficult to understand how to add audio to a PDF file.

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